It is heartening to note the OSCE describe the run-off Presidential election in Ukraine as ‘an impressive display of democracy’. This represents very significant progress compared to the Presidential elections of 2004 and can only strengthen Ukraine’s standing as a democratic and independent nation. The OSCE has also called for an orderly transfer of power which is absolutely essential to allow the government to tackle the serious economic and social issues facing the Ukrainian people. We welcome the statement from EU foreign affairs chief Baroness Ashton that the European Union remains committed to deepening the relationship with Ukraine and supporting it in implementing its reform agenda.

The Ukrainian people have high expectations from their political leaders which have too often been disappointed. It is now time for the President and all politicians to show their maturity, put aside petty factionalism and personal hostilities and create a new partnership to define and strengthen Ukraine’s unique position in Europe, while maintaining Ukraine’s identity, culture, history and traditions.  


If the provisional results of Ukraine’s Central Electoral Commission are confirmed then Victor Yanukovych will be installed as Ukraine’s next President.

While some members of the Yanukovych camp may have been quick to pronounce that the Orange Revolution has been well and truly buried, it is precisely thanks to the ideals of the Orange Revolution that democratic freedoms in Ukraine have been strengthened – including freedom of the press, freedom of speech and free and transparent elections. These ideals must be upheld and no-one should be allowed to bury them!    


The challenges ahead are significant and Ukrainians now expect their leaders to rise to those challenges for the benefit of all Ukrainians and the Ukrainian nation.

AUGB General Council

Ukrayinska Dumka


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