We are delighted to share the announcement that Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski, currently Bishop of New Westminster in Canada, has been appointed Bishop Eparch of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Great Britain.

In a Pastoral Letter to Clergy and Lay-Faithful of the Eparchy of the Holy Family of London (this being the official Seat of the Eparch), Bishop Kenneth expresses his deep joy and hope as he prepares to meet and pray with everyone here, and to journey together in Christian discipleship and fellowship.

This will not be his first encounter with the UK as he himself notes: “Some of you may know from my official biography that I was born in Canada and am the great-grandson of Ukrainian immigrants. But what is not mentioned in my official biography is that the first time I came to Great Britain was in 197 4, when I was 1 6 years old. This was to be the first of many visits to the United Kingdom. I did not know the first Apostolic Exarch for Ukrainian Catholics in Great Britain, Bishop Augustine Horniak, OSBM. However, I have had the good fortune to know and, in fact, be good friends with Bishop Mykhailo Kuchmiak, CSsR, of blessed memory, as well as with Bishops Paul Chomnycky, OSBM, and Hlib Lonchyna, Studite. Each of these dedicated men have blessed our Eparchy with their particular leadership charisms and spiritual gifts.  I also wish to acknowledge the good work, dedication and generous spirit of service of Fr. Mykola Matwijiwskyj, appointed Apostolic Administrator by the Holy Father following Bishop Hlib's resignation last year”.

Bishop Kenneth goes on to say that  although he has attended many meetings in London over the past decade, he not had an opportunity to visit other parishes in the Eparchy beyond London and that this is something that he wants to do as soon as possible.

We welcome his appointment and very much look forward to meeting and working with him. Вітаємо Владико!


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