The AUGB’s 74 Annual General Meeting, which took place last Saturday, unanimously re-elected Petro Rewko AUGB Chair and the following members to the Board of Directors: Linda Allison, Roman Bodnarec, Martyn Chymera, Hanya Dezyk, Ivan Kaniuka, Tanya Klymenko, Petro Kormylo, Marian Kosmirak, Terry Kowal, Ewhen Kurlak, Fedir Kurlak, Zenko Lastowiecki, Petro Luczka, Volodymyr Muzyczka, Bohdan Ratycz, Andriy Rutkowskyj, Bohdan Terlecky, Iryna Terlecky. Internal Audit Committee: Rev. Mykola Matwijiwskyj – Chair, Andriy Chymera and Volodymyr Karpynec – members.  Mediation and Disputes Committee: Natalka Sokolowska – Chair, Mychailo Maziar and Myron Pilak – members.  Deputies to the Internal Audit Committee and the Mediation and Disputes Committee:  Josyf Kupranec and Roman Pasika.

The meeting adopted the Financial Statement for 2018 and appointed Goldwins Chartered Accountants and external auditors.

augb-report-2019-final-full-size-page-01.jpgAnnual Report

The 88-page illustrated 2018 Annual Report of the AUGB (which includes Branch reports), was presented during the AGM and is now available to for purchase here.  It is effectively a time capsule of some of the AUGB’s activities over the past year. Please support it by purchasing a copy and encouraging others to do the same.  Very few, if any, Ukrainian diaspora organisations publish anything similar in print.

Membership fees for 2020

The AGM delegates resolved that the AUGB membership subscription fee from 1 January 2020 will be as follows: 

  • £20 for Full Members
  • £10 concessionary
  • £3 for students
  • £50 for Corporate Members

In parallel with these slight increases (i.e. less than 4p per week for full and students membership and less than 2p per week for concessionary), the AGM also instructed the Board of Directors to review and clarify current (and possible changes to) membership subscription categories, including the possibility of introducing family membership, and to report back with its recommendations to the 75 AUGB AGM.

Mediation and Disputes Committee

Last year’s AGM resolved to authorise the Board of Directors to review and determine the necessity and role of the AUGB’s Mediation Committee. Over the past year, a sub-committee appointed by the Board carried out a review which included seeking the opinions of an expert in HR matters, the Mediation and Disputes Committee and AUGB Branch committees. The sub-committee recommended that the Mediation and Disputes Committee be retained as a standing committee of the AUGB, with a new rulebook clarifying the scope and nature of the Committee’s responsibilities and procedures.

Delegates at this year’s AGM noted the joint statement of the AUGB’s Board and Mediation and Disputes Committee and instructed the Board and Mediation and Disputes Committee to prepare a draft Mediation and Disputes Committee Rulebook/Terms of Reference for approval at next year’s AGM.

We are grateful to everyone for the efforts made to either organise or attend the meeting.  Special thanks are due to Coventry Branch for pulling out all the stops to make everyone feel very welcome, well-watered and fed. And thanks are also due to Zenko Lastowiecki for his very able chairing of the meeting and keeping everyone in line for a relatively early finish.

The minutes of the meeting will be made available to all Branches at the end of this week.

AUGB’s Executive Board

During a meeting held immediately after Saturday’s AGM, the Board of Directors elected Iryna Terlecky as AUGB Deputy Chair and Fedir Kurlak as AUGB CEO.  The Executive Board for the year is: Petro Rewko (Chair), Roman Bodnarec, Hanya Dezyk, Ivan Kaniuka, Fedir Kurlak, Zenko Lastowiecki, Iryna Terlecky. 

The Executive confirmed that the 75 AUGB AGM will take place on 6 June 2020. The venue is yet to be confirmed.


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