During a Full meeting of Derby City Council held on 21 November 2017, the Council approved the following proposal and resolution for the 'Recognition of Genocides' relating to the Holodomor and Armenian Genocides:


Since the inception of Holocaust Memorial Day in 2001, Derby has proudly promoted and staged week long commemorative events each year, delivered by a team of volunteers, through diverse partnerships. These programmes have been supported by Derby City Council.


Nationally, Holocaust Memorial Day, on the 27th January, is for everyone to remember the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, the millions of people killed under Nazi Persecution, and in the genocides that followed. In Derby, we have chosen to look further back and remember acts of genocide which were relevant precursors to that which happened in Europe under Nazi control.


Both of these Genocides are not formally recognised by the United Kingdom. These are:


The Holodomor, the forced famine of 1932/33 deliberately perpetrated by the Soviet Union against Ukraine that led to the death of at least 7 million Ukrainians, around a third of them children.


The Armenian Genocide 1915-1918, the killing and mass deportation of Armenians from the Ottoman Empire. Over 1.5 million people died as a result of this systematic action. 

The Holodomor

a)    A key partner in Derby’s Holocaust Memorial Day events is the Ukrainian Community. It has its roots in Derby as a refugee community, arriving here over 70 years ago.


b)    This year of 2018, constitutes the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor, the forced famine of 1932/33 deliberately perpetrated by the Soviet Union against Ukraine that led to the death of at least 7 million Ukrainians, around a third of them children.


c)    Throughout this year there have been international events to commemorate this anniversary. In particular, in the 85 days before International Holodomor Day, which falls on 24th November 2018, Ukrainian communities around the world will participate in an international commemorative event “Light a Candle in Remembrance” which will finally make its journey to Ukraine where a formal memorial is to take place.


d)    Derby was one of the first cities in the United Kingdom to commemorate this 85th Anniversary of the Holodomor during its Holocaust Memorial events in January 2018.


e)    The Derby Branch of the Association of Ukrainians wish for the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 to be recognised as an act of Genocide, both locally, and nationally, to give the tragedy of the Holodomor its rightful place in 20th century history. In doing so the UK would be joining other states such as Australia and Canada, as well as the USA, in which the Senate recently resolved to recognise that “Joseph Stalin committed genocide against Ukrainians in 1932/33.”


The Armenian Genocide


a)    The Holocaust Memorial Day committee decided to take a stand on the Armenian Genocide on its 100th Anniversary in 2015 by formally recognising it, as a Genocide, through its inclusion in the main programme.


b)    The Armenian Genocide is not universally recognised, with just 29 countries taking that position. This does not include the United Kingdom ( albeit that it is recognised in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

Council believes that the formal act of recognition of these events as Genocide is an essential part of the process of ensuring that such acts are not forgotten and not repeated.


Council resolves:


1. to formally recognise the man-made famine of  1932-33 (also known as the Holodomor), as an act of genocide committed against the Ukrainian people;


2 to formally recognise the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1918, as an act of genocide committed against the Armenian people.


3. to ask Her Majesty’s Government to consider recognising both the Holodomor and the Armenian Genocide as acts of genocide.

Ukrayinska Dumka


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