For a period of 85 days in the lead-up to International Holodomor Memorial Day, which falls on 24 November 2018, a Candle of Remembrance is being lit in countries across the globe each day to remember the millions of victims of the 1932-33 Holodomor, who were deliberately and forcibly starved to death by Joseph Stalin’s Kremlin regime.


The facts about the Holodomor were covered up and denied for decades and the wider community still knows little about this genocidal act, which was the most tragic episode of Ukraine’s twentieth century history.


The candle of remembrance symbolically serves as a reminder of the events of 1932-33 and the reinstatement of historical truth and dignity that the innocent victims of the Holodomor deserve. Through raising awareness and remembrance, we seek to ensure that such atrocities cannot happen again.


The final ceremony will take place on 24 November in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, during the International Holodomor Memorial Day Service of Commemoration, which will be attended by the President and government of Ukraine, foreign dignitaries and leaders of all faiths in Ukraine. 


Candle of remembrance events will be held in Great Britain on the following dates venues:


9 October at 1700 hrs: National Holodomor Memorial, 1a Newton Avenue, Acton, London W3 8AJ.


11 October at the Holodomor memorial in Cheltenham Memorial Gardens.


12 October at 14.00 hrs.: Holodomor memorial stone at the foot of the Calton Hill walkway by Blenheim Place, Edinburgh.


12 October at 14.00 hrs.: POW Chapel by Dalton, Lockerbie.


12 October at 17.00 hrs.: AUGB Ashton Branch, 215 Stockport Road, Ashton-under-Lyne OL7 0NP.


12 October at 19.00 hrs.: AUGB Derby Branch, 27 Charnwood Street, Derby DE1 2GU.

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