The 73 Annual General Meeting of the Association of Ukrainians took place on Saturday - very ably hosted by AUGB Leeds Branch.

The event was attended by delegates and guests from around the UK and received messages of support from Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UK, Natalia Galibarenko, and Ukrainian organisations that have a longstanding working relationship with the AUGB.

The meeting considered reports on the finances and activities of the organisation for the period 1 January to 31 December 2017, adopted new Articles of Association in substitution for and to the exclusion of the existing Articles of Association, re-elected Petro Rewko as AUGB Chair (and Chairman of the Board) and elected the Board of Directors, Internal Audit Committee and Mediation Committee as follows:

Board of Directors: Linda Allison, Roman Bodnarec, Martyn Chymera, Anna Dezyk, John Kaniuka, Tanya Klymenko, Petro Kormylo, Marian Kosmirak, Terry Kowal, Fedir Kurlak, Ewhen Kurlak, Zenko Lastowiecki, Petro Luczka, Volodymyr Muzyczka, Bohdan Ratych, Andriy Rutkowskyj, Bohdan Terlecky, Iryna Terlecky. 

Internal Audit Committee: Rev. Mykola Matwijiwskyj - Chair, Andriy Chymera, Wolodymyr Karpynec - members.

Mediation Committee: Natalka Sokolowski - Chair, Mike Maziar, Myron Pilak - members.

Deputies to Internal Audit Committee and Mediation Committee: Josyf Kupranec, Roman Pasika.

The meeting also ratified the following membership subscription rates for 2019:  Full members: £18.  Full Members who are members of OUZh and concessionary (e.g. unemployed, state pension age or other similar reason approved by Branch committee): £9.  Full time students: £1.  The membership subscription fee split between Branches and Head Office will be 50/50. 

Goldwins Chartered Accountants were re-appointed as auditor to the Company.

At a meeting held immediately after the AGM, the Board elected its Executive Committee as follows: Petro Rewko - Chair, Iryna Terlecky - Deputy Chair, Fedir Kurlak - Chief Executive Officer, Roman Bodnarec - Finance Director, Anna Dezyk – Member, John Kaniuka - Member, Zenko Lastowiecki - Member.



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