Firstly, may I apologise for the length of time passed since our last blog. I have made a New Year’s Resolution to try my best to write a blog each month. So here is the first one.

With all our Christmas festivities now behind us the year ahead is evolving to be another busy one.

However, there are two recent events in particular that I would like to highlight here. The first was my participation in the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations held in Derby on 25 January. The whole day was a one very moving experience. Derby City Council’s initiative to bring all nationalities together in memory of the victims of some of the most horrific chapters in history is excellent. No genocide was given preference over another.  The event united all communities in commemorating together and respecting each other. At Derby Cathedral every Genocide was listed in date order – from 1915 to the present day - and detailing the number of victims who had suffered and perished. Each community was given an opportunity to pay respects to its nation’s victims. In total, since the beginning of the 20th century, some 200 million people have suffered crimes against humanity, 7 to 10 million of these were forcibly starved to death in our own genocide, the Holodomor of 1932-33. Well done to the Derby Ukrainian Community for making it such a high priority to annually take part in this commemoration since 2004. I am also very grateful to the Mayor of Derby and Derby City Council for their kind invitation and hospitality.  

On 27 January the AUGB’s board of directors held its first meeting of 2018 at our Head Office in Linden Gardens, London.  A key item on the agenda, discussed at length, was the future of our Head Office. An official statement will be issued and read out at all forthcoming branch AGM’s. Other matters discussed included plans for the 85th Anniversary commemoration of the Holodomor, Finances/Assets and Branch AGMs.

On that very subject, our branch AGM season commences this Sunday and will all be completed by the end of March. The full list of dates and times is posted on our website. We encourage all of our community members to attend, hear the reports of outgoing branch committee members and to engage in constructive debate on the future of your local community. A board member has already been designated to attend each AGM. This will provide everyone with an opportunity to ask questions and to be updated on various issues pertaining to the running and future of our organisation. There are still many of you out there with the kind of specialities and expertise that we are looking for to enhance our branch and national committees. Do not wait to be asked, make yourself known. We seem to have the mentality that unless we are specifically asked to help, we feel we are not wanted. This is not the case. We encourage everyone to help and engage in the running of our communities to make them more inviting places for all Ukrainians and to construct a sound footing for future generations. As the saying goes “Use it or Lose it”. We applaud all of our Branch Chairs, committee members and volunteers for their dedicated hard work and commitment.  

Petro Rewko



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