On Saturday, 25 November 2017, International Holodomor Memorial Day, members of the Bradford community united with the international community and Ukrainians worldwide, in remembrance of the victims of the 1932-33 Holodomor, the famine-genocide that left a nation scarred but not defeated in its determination to live in dignity and freedom.

The word Holodomor is derived from moryty holodom (морити голодом), which translated means "death by starvation".  Stalin’s Soviet regime used famine as a weapon to senselessly murder millions of innocent men, women and children in an attempt to destroy the Ukrainian people.

Members of the Bradford community marked the 84th anniversary of the height of this genocide, by attending a remembrance service honouring the memory of millions of innocent victims of the enforced famine in Ukraine 1932-33, known as the Holodomor.  The service was held by the Holodomor plaque in the Memorial Gardens, adjacent to City Hall, Bradford.  In attendance was the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Abid Hussain.  The service began with readings in Ukrainian and English, by the chair of the local branches of the Organisation of Ukrainian Women (ОУЖ) Mrs Halyna Prodywus and Ukrainian Youth Association (СУМ) Mr Petro Chymera, during which the Lord Mayor laid a black wreath and Mrs Orysia Chymera, chair of the Association of Ukrainians in GB Bradford branch (СУБ) lit a remembrance candle.  Thereafter, the reverend Yaroslav Riy led a requiem service, which ended with the singing of Eternal memory (“Вічная Пам’ять”), followed by in both Ukrainian and English, the prayers, Our Father (“Отче Наш”) and Hail Mary (“Богородице Діво”).

At the end of the service, Mr Volodymyr Szlachetko read out statements released by the Ukrainian World Congress to mark the 84th anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932-33 in both Ukrainian and English, which included the following pronouncement

“As we mark the 84th anniversary of this genocide, we also begin a year-long commemoration leading to the 85thanniversary of the Holodomor that will culminate in November, 2018.”

Children from Bradford’s Ukrainian Saturday school, together with the eldest members of our community, laid candles, which had been lit and held during the service, in front of the Holodomor plaque.  Throughout the service the Ukrainian National flag was held by Mr Evhen Chymera.

The remembrance service ended with the singing of the Ukrainian National anthem.

In addition and as part of the remembrance, the Ukrainian national flag was flown at half-mast throughout the day at the community centre in Bradford.

May the memory of the victims of the Holodomor remain eternal. 

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