"Exhibition and Master Classes by Ukrainian artists"




Ukrainian artists have been creating and enhancing the world with their talents and masterpieces for centuries.

Over the weekend the Ukrainian Cathedral in London hosted an "Exhibition and Master Classes by Ukrainian artists".

Thank you very much to all artists who took part and showcased their talent which illustrated many years of hard work and dedication.

The exhibition demonstrated the rich diversity of Ukrainians who even though far from their homeland, continue to create, paint, embroider, develop their skills and talents and pass these traditions on to younger generations.

Many visitors have left some very positive feedback about the different Master Classes, the variety of painted and embroiled pictures and the opportunity try on the unique handmade hats or to view the collection of traditional costumes representing different regions of Ukraine.

Also it's due to comment on the talent of our poets and songwriters, singers and musicians.

A huge thank you to all who visited the exhibition and Master Classes and also to the talented poets, songwriters, singers and musicians for their performances.

Iryna Estevez


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