A selection of artworks of Oleksa Hryshchenko (1883-1977) from a private collection were on public display on Thursday evening at AUGB’s Central Office as a new book about artist received its UK unveiling.

The book presentation, organised by the AUGB’s Shevchenko Library & Archive and London’s Malabart Limited, featured the author of "Oleksa Hryshchenko - Dynamokolir", Vita Susak, and project initiator and collector of Hryshchenko artworks, Michel Lievre Markovitch.

Hryshchenko’s work is most closely connected with Ukraine, Russia and France. He was a prominent Ukrainian painter and art critic. The name of the book derives from his avant-garde dynamo-colour style (a combination of cubism and the formal language of the icon), which he expressed in his works in the early part of the 20th century. By 1919 he was exhibiting in the Museum of Painting Culture in Moscow. From there he moved on Constantinople, travelled to Greece and then settled in Paris…

Though his styles changed over the decades, this well-researched and illustrated book examines Hryshchenko’s significance as a master of Ukrainian art and his place alongside his contemporaries in the world of art.

The book is available in English or Ukrainian from the Ukrainian Giftshop in London.

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