Various events have been held this year to mark the 50th anniversary of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC).

This week saw a European and Euro-Atlantic Forum take place at the European Economic and Social Committee Office in the centre of Brussels.

Five plenary sessions with a host of distinguished speakers examined the medium and long-term perspectives of Ukraine’s integration with the EU, the challenges facing Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration, a “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine, Human Rights issues and Russian disinformation as an insidious threat to European unity and security.

With such a wide-ranging set of themes, panellists addressed a host of issues which included the current state of reforms in Ukraine and the effectiveness of its anti-corruption measures, Ukraine’s relationship with NATO now and in the future, the question of external technical and financial assistance, identifying effective measures to be taken by the international community to reduce and stop Human Rights violations in Russian occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea, and focus in greater depth on the scope and real impact of Russian disinformation and the development of a common strategy to better counteract it in the short and mid-term.

Various non-Ukrainian experts and representatives of the UWC and Ukrainian organisations in Europe – including the AUGB’s CEO Fedir Kurlak and Board Member Bohdan Terlecky - attended the one day Forum.

Later today and tomorrow In Toronto, Canada, a further conference will take place under the banner heading: “UWC at 50 and Beyond: The Roadmap”. It’s aim is to reflect on the highpoints of the Ukrainian diaspora during the last two generations, the role and contribution of the UWC during this period, and to define the key issues that will shape the UWC’s work over the next two generations.  AUGB’s Chair, Petro Rewko, and Deputy Chair, Iryna Terlecky will be attending this, and other associated events taking place in Toronto over the next two days.


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