Tuesday night at the residence and another great British export to promote.  We're here with a group of students, education experts and business people to mark the launch of the Edinburgh Business School's MBA programme in Ukraine.  It's always great to meet students, and this is no exception: the inaugural group includes lawyers, bankers, business people and doctors, keen to gain the benefit of a world-class business education.  The Director, Professor Keith Lumsden, sets out the benefits of the EBS's internationally recognised MBA diplomas.  The head of the British Council in Ukraine, Margaret Jack, is here too: the Council will be administering the exams for the EBS in Ukraine. 

When people talk about British exports they often think of cars, aircraft and machinery.  But the education sector is a major and growing export earner for the British economy.  That's one reason why, as I said in my recent interview to the Ukrainian newspaper "Den" (check out the great snowflake effect!) British exports to Ukraine in the tough conditions of the first part of 2009 actually rose compared to 2008 (which was itself up on 2007). Thousands of Ukrainians go to the UK to study, because they know we offer some of the best education in the world. Others, like the students tonight, benefit from a British education without leaving Ukraine.  A set-up like the EBS Ukraine operation is a terrific win-win: by helping enhance the human capital of Ukraine, it will help boost economic growth prospects for the future, as well as the skills and CVs of the individual students.  So, all you employers out there wanting to recruit Ukrainian employees with top quality business skills?  You now know where to look.

Leigh Turner
British Ambassador to Ukraine

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