It is with great sadness that we confirm that a fire occurred at former AUGB Carlisle Branch property yesterday, Friday 14 July 2017.

The Fire Services attended promptly and managed to contain the fire to the upper lounge/roof space of the main building.  They have also confirmed that the fire was started deliberately by vandals. Police have apprehended one of the culprits and are confident that they will arrest others involved. 

The community building was closed in May 2016 in agreement with the last AUGB member. It was agreed then that it was time to call it a day due to the difficulty in sustaining continued operations.  

Since the closure of the Branch property there have been a number of acts of vandalism and break-ins by youths, the last one being before the fire on Thursday (13 July) when the rear flat roof was smashed in.   AUGB once again engaged the services of a local contractor to re-secure the building. 

For the past 12 months AUGB has worked closely with the local police and neighbours to try and prevent such incidents. 

The former Branch property has been up for sale since May 2016 but there has been little interest due to its size, layout and position.  AUGB is in the process of investigating the option of refurbishing the residential block with the possibility of leasing the main building on short term lease agreements. 

Unfortunately, the process has been hindered by the repeated acts of mindless vandalism and the task will now face further difficulties, in the aftermath of the fire, with questions about the structural integrity of the burnt building. 

Our insurers have been informed and arrangements are being made to assess the damage caused to the building.  

This morning, having concluded its investigations, the Fire Service has returned access to the property back to the AUGB.  We have engaged a local contractor to make the building safe and secure.  In addition, we have  engaged  the services of a local security company to monitor the building on a daily basis to hopefully prevent any further damage or vandalism being caused.


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