According to reports on a number of Ukraine News Agency sites, Ryanair has stopped selling tickets for flights between the London Stanstead and Ukraine (Lviv and Kyiv).

Ryanair's Facebook entry simply said: “We have cancelled our planned entry into Ukraine following Kiev airport’s failure to honour a growth agreement reached at the Ministry of Infrastructure with airport officials and the current Airport Director General, Mr Riabikin, in March of this year.”

Meanwhile Kyiv Post is reporting that Pavlo Riabikin responded to Ryanair’s announcement this afternoon by saying: 

“First: they demand that disputable issues were solved in London arbitration applying English law. We insist that they are to be settled in Ukrainian courts.”

The report continues by saying that “Riabikin presented some ultimatum demands of the carrier that do not suit Ukrainian law. Among them are air navigation services free of charge, check in, taxi parking lots, space for advertisement, ticket sale offices, demands about 60-day crediting period secured by the airport, payment of 35 percent of profit from duty free stores and approval of the passenger fee at $7.50 for five years”.

The move will affect all planned Ryanair flights to Kyiv and Lviv which were due to start in October 2017.

See also: Reuters.uk

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