The annual pilgrimage to Carfin yesterday was of significant importance to Ukrainians in Scotland. 

We were commemorating 70 years since the arrival of our Ukrainian fathers to Scotland, 40 years since the memorial stone at Carfin was erected and the 21 anniversary of the Ukrainian Constitution. 

Our honoured guests this year - Rev. Mykola Matwijiwskyj, Consul General Andrii Kuslii and AUGB CEO Fedir Kurlak - were joined by over 60 AUGB members, mostly from Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

A celebratory Divine Liturgy was conducted by the Rev. Fathers M. Matwijiwskyj and W. Kren in the Glass Chapel at Carfin, where the congregation were also able to marvel at the wonderful singing of our Church choir. 

A procession from the chapel to the Ukrainian memorial of four generations of Ukrainians and members of the new wave of Ukrainians from Ukraine was followed by a Panakhydia service.

In her address, AUGB Edinburgh Branch Chair Linda Allison remarked: “We must find ways to continue to inform our politicians, British media and the society in which we live about the truth of what is currently happening in eastern Ukraine. Our voices need to be heard over the fake-news outlets sponsored by the Kremlin. We need to continue to warn the West that what has happened in Ukraine could happen elsewhere - in another sovereign state”.

Further speeches given by Ukrainian Consul General Andrii Kuslii, AUGB’s CEO Fedir Kurlak and former AUGB Branch Chair, Mike Ostapko.


THE memorial stone in Carfin is dedicated to all Ukrainian men and women who gave up - and continue to give up - so much to preserve Ukraine’s religious faith, language and freedom.  

Its importance is still as relevant today as it was when it was erected 40 years ago, with its main focus being on Ukrainian suffering and perseverance, particularly in light of the current situation in eastern Ukraine and the Crimea. 

We all prayed for a successful resolution to Ukraine’s current troubles.

There were many AUGB members who were instrumental in setting up this annual pilgrimage to Carfin and erecting the memorial stone, too many to name. 

Sadly most of them are no longer with us, but it is a testament to them that their Scottish and Italian wives, children and grandchildren continue to make this pilgrimage each year. 

We are eternally grateful to them for their commitment and for giving us such a  legacy to be proud of. 

It is in dedication to all who have gone before, and to those who are still active with us, that we will endeavour to carry on the ethos and traditions that we were taught, so that we may keep the Ukrainian spirit alive in Scotland.

The pilgrimage closed with those attending singing the Ukrainian National Anthem.

It was indeed a very memorable day on which even the weather was particularly kind to us all this year.


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