Ukrainians in Scotland visit the monument at Carfin every year. The monument was erected in 1977 by Ukrainians in Scotland. It is dedicated to the suffering and sacrifice of Ukrainians in their struggle for religious and national rights and to all who gave their lives for the freedom of Ukraine.

Following a Divine Liturgy in the Glass Chapel at Carfin, community members walked to the monument to pay their respects. 

The Carfin memorial continues to be an important and very relevant focus point and symbol of Ukrainian suffering and perseverance. 

The tragic events of recent years (nebesnya sotnya or heavenly 100, the annexation and persecution of Crimea and the invasion and continued fighting in eastern Ukraine) add names to the millions who perished for the cause of a free Ukraine.

On this 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, Ukrainians worldwide must continue to prevail against further assaults on the Ukrainian Nation, maintain Ukrainian Independence and Sovereignty throughout Ukraine’s  territories and commemorate all those who have given their lives in the ongoing struggle to do so.

Louisa Tymkewycz addressed the gathering on behalf of the Scottish Ukrainians and the wives of the Ukrainian men. “The annual pilgrimage to Carfin began in the early 1950’s. It was attended in the hundreds by communities from Scotland and the North of England. I can remember coming to Carfin as a child with our families to make this pilgrimage. Over the years our numbers have been depleted and sadly not many of our community are with us today. However, it is with pride and honour that we carry on this tradition. I would like to thank all Ukrainians who support us in keeping the Ukrainian spirit alive in Scotland.” 

Michael Ostapko and Louisa Tymkewycz

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