The Grain Store

On Monday 28 December, the last ever South Bank Show will feature the work of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and will focus on the preparations for the production of The Grain Store by Natal'ia Vorohzbit. The programme is the Sunday Times' critic's choice for the day.

Those who had the opportunity to see the production in Stratford earlier this year will know that the play is an emotionally powerful depiction of the tragedy of the Holodomor, in which over 7 million adults and children were systematically starved to death by Stalin's regime.

The programme should offer a fascinating insight into the work that went in to producing the play - which had significant critical success and significantly increased awareness of one of the most horrific events of the twentieth century.

The Radio Times sets the programme out among its choices for the day and describes it thus:  "One British arts institution examines another:  for its final edition, The South Bank Show goes behind the scenes at the Royal shakespeare Company to watch rehersals of its new Ukrainian play The Grain Store.  Since the work dramatises the terrible but little-known "Holodomor" famine of 1933, the film becomes as much a history lesson as an arts programme, complete with chiling recollections from Ukrainian survivors ("War is bad, but the famine was even worse").  It makes for a thoughtful, low-key swansong to a much-loved series."

The programme will be shown on ITV1 at 10.45 p.m. on Monday 28 December.

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