By Brian Mefford, 01 Jun 10:34 AM

The Savchenko Effect: The release from a Russian prison and return of Air Force pilot Nadia Savchenko to Ukraine has ignited speculation on her future political plans. Elected #1 on the party list of the Bloc of Yuliya Tymoshenko in the October 2014 Parliamentary Elections, Savchenko returns to Ukraine and immediately enters a political career. Savchenko’s initial speeches upon her return focused primarily on the war in the Donbass.

Savchenko noted that the Minsk Agreements “put out the flames” in the Donbass war but she did not consider them effective enough.

About possible elections in the Donbass, Savchenko said, “The elections cannot be held now as the Ukrainian border is not plugged…If there were only the people of Ukraine, we would find common ground between each other. We’ve got too many advice givers, and we won’t be allowed to think on our own…Until we, Ukrainians, start to think and decide for ourselves, the elections are impossible”.

More specifically about her personal ambitions, Savchenko even went as far as to state, “Ukrainians, if you want me to be President- well, I’ll do it”. However she quickly doused the flames by adding that she doubted that Ukrainians have learned “not to vote for buckwheat”.

In short, the future is wide open for Savchenko, but the results will depend upon her choices.

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