"Putin named HONORARY CITIZEN of Crimean SEVASTOPOL,", 1/6/2016. This was done “in thanks for his work in returning the city to Russia.”

And: Putin’s favorite CELLIST Sergei RODULGIN makes a killing in his offshore account [420 million rubles in 48 hours], Novaya gazeta report, reposted by

And: “Putin’s [billionaire] ‘PERSONAL CHEF’ [Yevgeny PRIGOZHIN] sues Yandex and Google over search result links,” themoscowtimes.com1/6/2016.

And: “TURCHYNOV [secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council]: Russia uses DONBAS as firing range [to test its] new weapons,” unian.info1/6/2016.

And: “Ukraine’s fallen leader YANUKOVYCH ‘paid BRIBES of $2 billion’—or $1.4 million for every day he was president,”, 31/5/2016.

And: NAVALNYI answers questions from Russians in a national call-in sponsored by Dozhd’ TV:

And: On 1 June NAVALNYI was interrogated by the Investigations Committee on a charge of having slandered a former MVD investigator who is also on the European Parliament’s “Magnitskii list”—Navalny was body-searched and his computers have been seized:

And: “IN CRIMEA, Moscow labels some opponents [Crimean Tatar activists] dangerous Islamists,” reuters.com1/6/2016.

And: “The unraveling of Moscow’s ‘NOVOROSSIA’ dream,”   Former Novorossia activist Aleksandr: “Russia lost its chance to create any ‘Novorossia’ on July 17 [2014] when the passenger airliner was shot down over territory held by the militants. After that, the idea of Novorossia was closed.” 

And: On Putin’s visit to Greece: “Why Greece is fighting [in] Russia’s corner,”, 31/5/2016.

And: “More than 40,000 persons have signed a petition against a KADYROV BRIDGE in Petersburg,”



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