Notice is hereby given of the result of the voting on the Written Resolution dated 24 March 2016 for the Adoption of the New Articles of the Assocation of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain Limited.


Ballot papers sent out to AUGB delegates:  64

Votes ‘for’ received:  45*

Votes ‘against’/not received:  19** 

Votes required for 75% majority: 48

Total percentage in favour of Special Resolution:  70.77%


* One Branch returned 2 votes but was entitled just to one vote. One vote has been counted.

** Of this figure of 19 ‘votes not received’, 2 votes were voided due to the forms being incomplete – containing only illegible signatures and date but no printed name or membership number. 

Having not reached the required 75% majority, the Special Resolution to adopt new Articles of Association has not been passed. The existing Memorandum and Articles of Association remain in force.

In accordance with the AUGB’s Finance Control Committee’s proposal submitted and upheld during the AUGB’s 70 AGM held in Edinburgh on 6 June 2015, we maintain that it is essential that AUGB’s Articles of Association are brought up to modern standards of company governance as soon as possible and recommend that a Special Resolution is tabled at the forthcoming AUGB AGM which will take place on 9 July 2016.

The aforesaid votes were opened, counted and verified by Rev. Mykola Matwijiwskyj, Head of AUGB’s Finance Control Committee

Date: 21 April 2016

Rev. M. Matwijiwskyj for and on behalf of the AUGB’s Finance Control Committee

NOTE: A table detailing the votes of delegates will be published in the next issue of the Ukrainian Thought (30.04.2016.)

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