Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UK, Nataliya Galibarenko, presented her Letters of Credence to HM The Queen during a special traditional ceremony held today at Buckingham Palace. 

The Queen passed on warm wishes to Ukraine’s President and the Ukrainian people, while Ambassador Galibarenko thanked the Queen for the UK’s support for Ukraine and affirmed that she would continue to work for the development of closer relations between the two countries.

During a reception held later in the day at the Embassy of Ukraine, Julian Evans, Director of Protocol and Vice-Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, welcomed the Ambassador to the United Kingdom on behalf of HM The Queen and the UK Government and wished her a successful tour of duty in this country. 

Vice-Marshal Evans noted that the Ambassador had told him that she wanted to expand Ukraine’s political dialogue with the United Kingdom.  

“You have already been very successful with that”, he said. “Our two Foreign Ministers met here in London last month and discussed not only British-Ukrainian relations but also the Minsk process, your own reform programme and the work that we do together in the context of the UN Security Council.”

In reply Ambassador Galibarenko thanked the Marshal and Vice-Marshal for their invaluable help in preparing for the ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

She also expressed her gratitude to the Embassy staff and said:

“Over the past ten weeks we have spent time together and have gone through a difficult adjustment period. However, we all share a common vision of what this Embassy aims to do and what it can do to contribute to UK-Ukraine relations.

“I realise – and HM The Queen made the same remark to me today – that being the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom will be a very challenging task in the context of the political and security situation in Ukraine.

“However, facing up to these big challenges may, perhaps, help to make us more professional, more sincere and even more determined in all that we do.”  

The Ambassador thanked everyone for sharing such an important day with her and expressed the hope that the fruitful cooperation that she has experienced here to date will continue throughout her term of office in the United Kingdom.


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