Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UK, Natalia Halibarenko has written to the AUGB’s Board of Directors in which she extended her congratulations on behalf of everyone at the Embassy of Ukraine on the occasion of the AUGB’s 70th Anniversary.

Ambassador Halibarenko continued:

“From its inaugural meeting in Edinburgh in January 1946 to the present, the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain has been and remains a steadfast protector of the interests of the Ukrainian community in the UK and an active leader of historical traditions and culture of Ukrainians living on British soil.

“Created during the period of Stalin's dictatorship, when all manifestations of national identity were being brutally destroyed in Ukraine, the AUGB played a significant role in highlighting the truth about the Ukrainian nation and its desire for independence. Then, after Ukraine had gained her independence in 1991, the AUGB provided significant support for the development and strengthening of Ukraine’s state institutions.”

The Ambassador conveyed her thanks to the AUGB for all the help and support that it has provided to Ukraine, which “is today fighting against Russian aggression in defence of Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence”.  

“I am sure that the activities of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain will continue to serve the interests of the Ukrainian nation and that it will remain steadfast in promoting peace and harmony in Ukraine and the fulfilment of our common goal – to develop a strong and democratic Ukraine within the circle of European nations.  I wish everyone peace, happiness and all the very best, and look forward to further productive cooperation in the future.”


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