"Ex-PM [of Ukraine] AZAROV, in Moscow, proclaims 'SALVATION COMMITTEE' for Ukraine,"

“Azarov has announced the formation of a ‘Ukraine Salvation Committee,’ calling for ‘TOTAL REGIME CHANGE’ through early elections and vowing to ‘restore order in our home.’... Peskov swiftly insisted…that the Russian government ‘has nothing to do with this iniative.’” [National salvation committees were, of course, utilized by the USSR KGB in a serious attempt to topple the legitimate governments of Lithuania and Latvia in January-February 1991.]

And: A LAND GRAB far exceeding Crimea: “Russia lays claim to more of ARCTIC,”, 8/4

“Russia renewed its push in the UN to recognize nearly a HALF-MILLION square miles of the Arctic as its sovereign territory. The top of the world is believed to hold as much as a quarter of the Earth’s undiscovered oil and natural gas…The US and Canada have contested Russia’s claim…The UN rejected a similar proposal in 2001…”

And: “Vladimir Putin’s spokesman [PESKOV] in luxury watch scandal: Russian bloggers [NAVALNYI] cry corruption after Kremlin press secretary flashes a 400,000 pound [$1.4 million] timepiece at his wedding,”, 8/3 

“Mr. Peskov married his partner of five years. Olympic champion figure skater Tatiana Navka, in Sochi on Saturday in a sumptuous event [in Sochi]…But it was Mr. Peskov’s choice of timepiece that caught the Russian media’s attention…Alexei Navalynyi…identified it as a Richard Mille RM 52-01. Only 30 have been made and…they retail at just under 400,000 pounds. ‘Where [Navalnyi asked] could the head of state’s press secretary get a watch worth four times his annual income?’… Mr. Peskov insisted that the watch was a present from his new wife…”

For Naval’nyi’s two scorching BLOGS on the subject of the watch, see:


In the second blog he obliterates Peskov’s defense that the watch was a wedding gift from his new wife.  He had been photographed wearing the watch in early 2015 and his wife is far from wealthy—she had to ask for help to pay her electric bill one month ago. And he asks: “Is it ethical for a state official from Russia [to wear such a watch] when 23% of [Russia’s]  citizens are classified as ‘poor’ and when 17% in general live below the poverty line?  If it is a gift then who  mad it and for what services?”

And:Novaya gazeta posts two major investigative pieces on the NEMTSOV murder:


And: The same newspaper published a detailed account of recent developments in the LITVINENKO assassination inquest:

And: Russian government book on Ukraine conflict illustrated with fake photo,”, 8/4

And: “IMF says Western SANCTIONS could cut 9 percent [!] of Russia’s GDP,”, 8/3

And: Prices for food in Russia have gone up 10% [!] since the beginning of the year,

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