The Mayor of Barnsley with the Torch on the steps of the Town Hall

The Holodomor Commemorative Torch was received by the Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr Kenneth Sanderson.  He was accompanied by Cllr Stephen Houghton, Leader of Barnsley Council and Mr Phil Coppard, Chief Executive, who are responsible for Barnsley’s twin town relationship with Horlivka in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

Dr Andy Chymera, representing AUGB, explained the purpose of the visit of the Torch before inviting the Mayor to speak on behalf of the people of Barnsley.  Cllr Sanderson noted that President Yushchenko had drawn particular attention to the plight of farmers living around Horlivka when he launched the International Year of Holodomor Remembrance. He expressed his sympathy for the loss of so many Ukrainian and other lives during the Famine. He also stated that the Torch should return to Kyiv with the acknowledgement of the people of Barnsley as well as with their support for the fullest international recognition of the Holodomor.

Mr Vladyslav Rohovyi, Second Secretary in the Ukrainian Embassy in London, presented a statement on behalf of the Ambassador. This was followed by a statement from Mr Askold Lozynskyj, President of the World Congress of Ukrainians.

The Barnsley Chronicle newspaper was present and published articles about the Holodomor Torch before and after the event.  A local commercial radio station, Dearne fm, also interviewed the Mayor as well as Mr Rohovyi and Mr Lozynskyj.

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