Former Ukrainian political prisoner, literary and social critic and political analyst Yevhen Sverstiuk, died earlier this evening, aged 86.

Sverstiuk’s name came to prominence in the West in the early 1970 but by January 1972 he was detained for 14 months before being sentenced in March 1973 to 7 years hard labour and 5 years exile for his involvement in the Ukrainian dissident movement and for his defence of political prisoners in the USSR.  

Author of one of the most important Samvydav publications: “In relation to the Pohruzhalskyy’ process”, Sversiuk wrote poetry and was the author of books and numerous articles on literature, psychology and theology.

Most recently he was one of only 11 members of the highly respected “First of December Initiative Group” -  a think-tank formed on the 20th anniversary of the Ukraine’s 1991 Referendum on Independence - whose key aims were to provide social guidance to a post-Soviet Ukrainian population and to promote unity within the country.

May his soul Rest in Peace!
Вічна Йому Пам’ять!


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