PRESIDENT'S BLOG - KYIV, 30.08.2014.


If you ever thought politics was boring  then come to Ukraine where politics is a way of life. 

The day before Russia's invasion in the East, the President announced that Ukraine would be a member of the EU by 2020. The next day, after the invasion, Prime Minister Yatseniuk announced Ukraine would make immediate overtures to join NATO. 

However that may not be as easy as it sounds. Firstly I'm not sure the EU is ready for Ukraine or Ukraine ready for NATO. Secondly from Putin's perspective, that raises the stakes.

However, both the EU and NATO can and must do more. At today's EU conference its members must up the ante against Russia in terms of sanctions and additional asset freezes. Next week at the NATO conference in Wales, it's members must agree to provide Ukraine with arms and additional training.

From our side we must continue to press our Government to act decisively in its assistance to Ukraine including medical evacuation of wounded soldiers to the UK.

Ukraine today is at the vanguard against an enemy that knows no bounds. If it left unchecked and isn't stopped now, it will be more costly in lives and resources destroyed.

In Ukraine the army and people greatly value what the diaspora has done, but they need more help with weapons and aid. So irrespective of what we have done to date, we need to do more - and that includes to press our Government to also stand up to the plate with us.

In the longer term this will be better for us both.

Zenko Lastovetskyj

Ukrayinska Dumka


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