PRESIDENT'S BLOG - KYIV, 29.08.2014. (#2)


It was the first day of the annual meeting of the World Congress of Ukrainians (CKY) an annual occasion when delegates from all over the world meet to discuss the big issues of the day as well as their own local difficulties.

During Yanukovychy's reign CKY was in the wilderness as he and his ministers had little time for the diaspora and merely paid lip service, actually happy when we all departed.

This year it's different for many reasons. Firstly since the EuroMaidan the diaspora has stepped up to the plate with financial assistance to Ukraine, and according to CKY statistics over $4 million has been sent over in the last several months. Personally I believe it's more as only OUZh was mentioned in the list of donors - but I know for a fact far more has gone from the UK.

Secondly, Parliamentary elections have been called, so politicians (as is their want), take all opportunities to put across their views. 

So it was at today's opening. Yuri Lutsenko, the ex politician imprisoned by the Yanukovych regime made an appearance. Just announced as the leader of President Poroshenko's political party for the elections he defended the dissolution of Parliament as the only way it could be purified of the Communists and Party of Regions who made running the country almost impossible, more so at a time of war. 

He also said that to move forward the nation needed to change all of its old structures. I can't say I don't agree with him, but I can't see it being that easy as the elections will be conducted under the old rules where half the candidates will be on a party list, the others (those that can afford it) standing as Independents or aligned to parties. 

I do hope that this year's elections will be different, where those elected really do represent the people and defend the country. However, being elected in Ukraine isn't cheap, which is why only those (in the majority) were previously elected - because only they could afford it.

After all the spilt blood, Ukraine deserves people of honour and trust to run the country, because if that isn't allowed to happen EuroMaidan will once again be on our screens and in our newspapers. Worse still, it will play into Putin's hands.

Zenko Lastovetskyj

Ukrayinska Dumka


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