Some of the participants of the inaugural Branch General Meeting

At a meeting held on 26 May 2014, the AUGB's General Council approved a proposal made by Ukrainians living in Glasgow for the formation of an AUGB Branch.

The inaugual General Meeting of the Branch took place yesterday at Hillhead Library in Glasgow and was attended by AUGB's newest members, the AUGB's CEO Fedir Kurlak and General Council Member Petro Kormylo.

Follwing a healthy discussion about the history, aims and objectives of the AUGB and the practicalities of a working Branch, the meeting elected the following into office:

Chair:   Oksana  Mavrodii  
Deputy Chair : Yevgen Gorash 
Secretary:  Anastasia Kalininchenko with Oksana Rakots to deputise
Treasurer: Tetyana Vyshemirska

Finance Control Committee: Iryna Shumeyko and Olga McGowan-Yevtushenko.

This is a very welcome addition to the AUGB family. The first AUGB Branch in Scotland was created on 30 November 1947 in Inverness. Throughout 1948, a host of other branches formed throughout Scotland and in the early 1950's, as the the community began to resettle, an AUGB Branch in Glasgow was set up to serve over 100 Ukrainians that lived in the area at the time. Gradually this number declined to around 70 as members emigrated or moved to other parts of the country. The Branch continued to exist until the mid-1990's.

Anyone wishing to join/support the new AUGB Glasgow Branch may do so by contacting Oksana Mavrodii or Yevgen Gorash who will be delighted to hear from you!

We wish the new Branch and its members every success for the future!  


Ukrayinska Dumka


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