Last week the AUGB wrote to the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond MP reiterrating that "it is now urgent that the West takes much stronger measures against Russia and its agents in Ukraine. The DNR and LNR must now be designated ‘terrorist organisations’ and Russia must be held accountable for its support for those organisations and its failure to take any concrete steps to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. Sectoral sanctions against Russian banks and businesses operating in the EU, particularly in London, must now be introduced. All lines of credit and loans must be stopped and increased pressure must be brought to bear on France to cancel the Mistral contract, to prevent a significant increase in Russia’s military capability". The letter went on to call on Mr Hammond to use all of his "influence to ensure that Russia feels the full weight of international action and suffers the consequences of its complicity in the loss of so many innocent lives".  Click here for the full text of the letter.

In reply the FCO has written that "the UK, together with the EU and international community, will continue to be prepared to act with resolve and determination, to persuade the Russian government to take the necessary steps, to defend the rules-based international system, and to prevent the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine and the wider region. Our national interest is for territorially stable, democratic and prosperous Ukraine which can meet the legitimate needs of its people, and we shall continue to support Ukraine to achieve these ends". Click here for the full text of the FCO reply.

In a separate letter to the Defense Secretary Michael Fallon MP, the AUGB called for assistance whilst pointing out that "Ukraine needs more active military aid for its armed forces, border guards and internal security personnel. A critical need is for humanitarian and logistical assistance, which would help protect its armed forces and provide emergency medical care for the wounded. With the scaling back of active UK army operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere, there is likely to be surplus equipment – helmets, bulletproof vests, boots, trucks and other vehicles – which the army here no longer needs, but which would give significant practical assistance to Ukrainian forces...".  Click here for the text of the letter to the Secretary of State for Defense.

On Monday the AUGB wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron calling on him to review Prince Michael of Kent's continued association with the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. Letters were also sent to Lords Mandleson, Myners, Owen, Ponsonby Sidelski and Charles Hendry MP calling on them to sever their ties with Russian businesses. 

Three UK Council leaders, whose cities are twinned with Ukrainian cities in Eastern Ukraine, were also written to earlier this week drawing their attention to the situation in Horlivka (twinned with Barnsley), Donetsk (twinned with Sheffield) and Luhansk (twinned with Cardiff).  We have received replies confirming that the matters raised in the AUGB's letters will be addressed.


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