UKRAINE: 31 JULY 2014.


Main news for 31 July 2014:

Arseniy Yatsenyuk remains Prime Minister, ATO, and OSCE Mission reaches MH17 crash site.

Closed session of the Parliament 


The Ukrainian parliament approved measures which will allow almost 1,000 Dutch and Australian armed personnel to enter the crash site of the Boeing 777.

Parliamentarians also agreed to new funding for the fight against pro-Russia 'separatists' through a 1.5% “military duty” and passed budget changes that will allow Ukraine to meet its obligations towards the IMF.  

Though a total of 325 members either abstained or weren’t present during the parliamentary session, Arseniy Yatsenyuk remains Prime Minister following a vote (109-16) rejecting his earlier resignation. Last week Yatsenyuk had announced his intention to step down after the two main parties supporting him left the ruling coalition.

During the session President Poroshenko called for unity and said that early parliamentary elections had become a reality. These are likely to take place in October.

The monthly salary of government officials and MP's was fixed at $6,500 US. Yatseniuk said that adopted laws will help to finance the restoration of the infrastructure in the Donbas region at a cost of $2 billion US. 

Anti-terrorist Operation

National Security Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko announced that 11 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed and 31 injured during the ATO offensive over the previous 24 hours.

He said that throughout 30 July, terrorists had bombarded the small town of Volnukhyne (Lutuhynsky region, Luhansk). 

Meanwhile the city council in Horlivka had reported that the number of civilian deaths over the past few days had risen to 30 with a further 44 hospitalised with shrapnel wounds  

Luhansk city council reported that three civilians had died during the preceding 24 hours, one of them a 15 year old boy. Seven people were injured. 

Late Thursday evening terrorist fired fired heavy rounds at the Ukrainian military convoy in Shakhtarsk (Dontetsk region). The number of casualties vary according to different media reports.

Crash site

Four crash investigators from the Netherlands and Australia together with members of the OSCE finally gained access to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 which was shot down 17 July killing all 298 passenges and crew.

The site remains under 'separatist' control.

Source: TV news channel "24"

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