UKRAINE: 30 JULY 2014.


Main news for 30 July 2014:

The Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO) has liberated Andriyivka and Russia wants to become a "peacekeeper" in Ukraine.

The militants are trying to regain lost ground in Donetsk, Horlivka and Saur-Graves, as well as regrouping in the regions of Luhansk, Pervomayska, Alchevsk Stakhanov.

Russian mercenaries are placing landmines in areas where there are no direct battles taking place. More than 150 such mines have been detected so far. The terrorists have been particularly active today in the Luhansk region, occupying Stakhanov, seizing the police station in Sverdlovsk and building fortifications near Anthracit.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian army has continued to progress in liberating the Donbas region. On 29 July ATO forces eradicated terrorists from Avdiyivka (Donetsk region), and have now moved to clear Ilovaisk and Pervomaysk. 

Over the past 24 hour period one Ukrainian army soldier was killed and 11 were wounded. The total number of casualties during the ATO operation is 363 Ukrainian Army ATO soldiers killed and 1434 - wounded. 

Terrorists attacks continued today with BM-21 "Grad" missiles being launched around Luhansk airport while further missiles continued to be fired from Russian Federation territory near checkpoint "Marinivka." 

Civilian casualties:

Two of the nine victims of a landmine explosion yesterday (29 July) in the village Berestove, Donetsk region, died in hospital earlier today. The two that died were a 45-year-old woman and 20-year-old man. Three of the nine casualties were children who are still in hospital.

According to National Security Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko, one child has died in the past 24 hours following an indescriminate attack by terrorists on a civilian bus. A further ten people were wounded in the incident.

In Luhansk 5 elderly people were killed during an attack by terrorists on a nursing home. The building was severely damaged.

Overall, during the past 24 hours, figures released by the Donetsk Regional State Administration Health Department, 19 civilians were killed and 30 injured as a result of the conflict.

Russia continues to throw the mercenaries in Ukraine 

According to State Border Guards, Russia is continuing to cross the Eastern Ukraine border with with strong military hardware, including BMP, tanks and "Grad" missile systems in tow.  In addition, hostile Russian drones are constantly violating Ukrainian airspace. 

According to the National Security Council, last night alone, 7 Russian tanks crossed the border last night.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine has recorded telephone conversations between the leader of the pseudo "DNR", Igor Hirkin, taking orders from his superior "Cap" of the Russian Defense Ministry - thus yet again providing further evidence that the Russian leadership is still heavily involved in the conflict taking place in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. 

Russia lets OSCE reps to its border but not to the area of the MH17 disaster.

The OSCE was once again denied access to the crash site of Flight MH17 in the Donetsk region. Moscow accused Kyiv of being responsible for the blockade.

However, Kyiv has established a 20KM non-war zone around the crash site to allow the OSCE representatives access to the remnants of Flight MH17 but terrorists have continued to open fire in the area to prevent the investigation from taking place.

Meanwhile Russia has proposed that it wants to introduce its own peacekeepers to the site of in the crash -  a move that would cause considerable concern about further interference with the evidence on the ground.

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