NEWS IN BRIEF (20/05/2014) #2


NEWS IN BRIEF. (20/05/2014). #2

  • Ukraine’s Parliament today voted in a “Memorandum of Understanding and Peace”. One of its key points related to the formalization of the status of Russian and other languages within the Constitution which is reflected in the Memorandum as follows: "Alongside the constitutional status of the Ukrainian language as the state language, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will protect the guaranteed status of the Russian language. The State will guarantee support for the languages of minorities in the areas of their compact settlement". Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hryhoriy Karasin said that such a declaration, if true, was precisely what Moscow had been calling for for months (!!!) but added that the decision would need to be examined in closer detail.
  • The Confederation of Free Trade Unions has added its call for people of all professions “to unite in effort to defend their interests” and to rid Donbas of terrorists who are destabilising the region.
  • The Donetsk oblast Administration has issued a press release detailing terrorist activities aimed at disrupting the forthcoming presidential election on Sunday. The statement says that terrorists in Artmivsk invaded the town hall today where the local electoral commission is stationed. Election equipment including a database and personal effects of members of the Electoral commission were taken. In Horlivka, the Electoral Commission at polling station no.51 was forced to leave the building and terrorists then removed election equipment. Local Electoral Commissions could not be set up in Druzhivka because potential candidates fear for their lives. Terrorists in Kirovsky warned the local Electoral Commission that they will disrupt the elections there while members of the Electoral Commission in Shakhtarsk have been served with an ultimatum to suspend their work.
  • In Dnipropetrovsk oblast, where terrorists were unable to gain a foothold, communist party members are resigning en masse from local Electoral Commissions in a bid to invalidate them. The Deputy Chair of the State Oblast Administration for Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Borys Filatov, has called on the local community to quickly volunteer to fill the vacancies.


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