Many visitors to this website will have undoubtedly seen some of the works of film producer Wanda Koscia. Two years ago, for example, the BBC screened a series of four excellent documentary films: "Putin, Russia and the West". Wanda produced and directed the second programme in the series which included an extraordinary interview with former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma, who was widely thought to be responsible for murder, corruption and sanctions-busting. During the programme Kuchma explained how, in the 2004 election, he set about getting his chosen successor elected president - with the help of Vladimior Putin and his Kremlin advisers. 

Last year we met with Wanda at AUGB head office. She had begun working on a film dealing with a highly sensitive issue for both Poles and Ukrainians - the Volyn Tragedy -  during which Ukrainians killed Poles and Poles killed Ukrainians.  And in the midst of those horrors and the madness of war, humanity still prevailed - there were Poles who risked their own lives to save Ukrainians, and Ukrainians who risked thier lives to save Poles.

The film, 'My Friend the Enemy', has now been completed and is shortlisted for this year's Krakow Film Festival. 

Please visit the film's dedicated website for further details and click on the relevant link to give your support for the film to be screened at the Krakow Film Festival.

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