Members of the Ukrainian communities of Keighley and Bradford attended a Civic reception held in the banqueting hall at Bradford City Hall on Tuesday evening in honour of the Bradford & District European Forum.  The event was hosted by the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor John D Godward and Lady Mayoress Mrs Jean Godward.

It was the group’s first such Civic reception which was attended by some 80 forum members.

Following a light buffet and a welcoming address by the Lord Mayor, members were given a guided tour of City Hall, beginning with the Banqueting Hall, which had welcomed Queen Elizabeth II in 1977 her Jubilee year. Those attending that event had been seated around a special horse-shoe shaped table to ensure that no guest would have his or her back facing the Monarch.

Forum members were then shown the City’s collection of silver and gold items such as the chains of office, platters, candelabras, and so on.  The highlight of the tour ended in the Council Chamber, where members were permitted to sit in elected councillor's seats.

The Forum consists of 8 nationalities ‘United in Community.  These are members of the Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, and other Eastern European communities living in the Bradford and Keighley areas who meet regularly at members’ community centres. 

It is the first such Forum of its kind in this country and its participants strive to raise awareness of the needs and aspirations of Bradford and District’s Eastern & Central European Communities.

Over the years the group has forged good links with various organisations and is now formally recognised as a community group.

Stefan Pryimuk

Ukrayinska Dumka


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