2032: Ukraine's prosecutor general's office announces it has started extradition proceedings against former President Yanukovych.

1929: Moscow says its Black Sea Fleet are moving for security reasons.

1929: Airspace around Simferopol is closed.

1905: Yanukovych and his son Oleksandr top the list of 18 Ukrainian officials who are now under asset sanctions in Austria.

1839: Convoy of 9 armoured personnel carriers and a truck have been seen on a road between Sevastopol and Sinferopol.

1827: Mykhailo Kutsyn appointed Chief of General Staff and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in Ukraine.

1820: British Prime Minister David Cameron telephones Putin to discuss rising tensions in Ukraine, especially in Crimea.

1811: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in discussions with US Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the crisis in Ukraine. 

1803: Ukrainska Pravda reports that Russian planes are landing in Crimea and a column of armoured personnel carriers is approaching Simferopol. 

1758: Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has spoken with Yatseniuk and said that Germany will back the attempts made by the Ukrainian administration to stabilize the situation in Ukraine. 

1721: Klitschko tweets: Yanukovych must be returned to Ukraine. He must answer for what he has done.

1713: IMF mission expected in Kyiv next week. Ukrainian government expected to ask for around $15 billion. 

1649: Yanukovych says he has never had property or bank accounts abroad. "I am a public person. Everything I had was declared. It was all in my accounts".

1622: Yanukovych maintains he is the legitimate President of Ukraine and insists Crimea must remain part of Ukraine. 

1610: Yanukovych refuses to recognise the Presidential Elections scheduled on the 25 May declaring them 'unlawful'. As such, he will not run in them. 

1609: Acting Foreign Minister Andriy Deschytsia has said that Ukraine is ready to resume talks on the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union. 

1549: The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has appealed to the United Nations to consider the situation in Ukraine. 

1512: Yanukovych Press Conference.

- Speaking in Russian, Yanukovych said he left Ukraine because of the threat to his life. 

- 'Fascist hooligans' have taken power in Ukraine. 

- 'Nobody overthrew me'

- He intends to continue fighting against those who try to occupy Ukraine through terror and fear.

- He will only return to Ukraine once his safety and the safety of his family has been guaranteed. 

- He criticised Western governments for their involvement in the crisis, claiming that they are sponsoring the terror in Kyiv.

- He said that he never gave orders for the police to shoot, but they have a right to defend themselves.

- He has not spoken directly to Putin but sees no reason for Russia to invade Ukraine.

1548: Klitschko confirms he will be running for President. Unconfirmed reports suggest Tymoshenko will also be running. 

1329: Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk demands measures to stop capital flight from Ukraine. Meeting with Ukrainian Cabinet Ministers and the State Financial Monitoring Service to take place tomorrow. 

1210: Kyivsky District Court of Kharkiv has closed a criminal  case on charges against former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in the case on financial abuse of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU) Corporation. 

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