1940: Situation in Kharkiv remains unstable. Two groups of protesters stand opposed to each other separated by a small number of militia. Earlier reports said that the militia had behaved impeccably with the pro-democracy supporters faced with aggressive threats and chants from "anti-Euromaidan" supporters. Earlier in the day, in Kherson, around 100 aggressive 'titushky' with knives tried to provoke confrontation but were later dispersed by police. The situation in Kherson is now stabilised.

1915. Some 20,000 pro=Russia protesters in Sevastopol "elected" Russian citizen Oleksiy Chaliy as city head. Chanting "Putin is our President", the protesters declared that they will refuse to pay taxes to Kyiv and will take control over the city's militia.

1910. Lenin statue in Odessa beheaded.

1906. Mayor of Kharkiv Hennadiy Kernec is prevented from accessing Mayor's office by large crowd of pro-democracy protesters.

1905. US Ambassador to Ukraine says that high ranking US delegation will visit Ukraine.

1902: Pro-democracy protesters supporters are destroying a portrait of Yanukovych at the entrance to the Oblast State Administration in Khmelnytsk.

1900: Offices of UDAR Party in1905: Donetsk ransacked.

1845: Ukrainian press speculate that Viktor Yanukovych is Crimea. All indications are that he has not been able to flee the country.

1840: Various reports about number of pro-democracy protesters with Ukrainian and Crimean national flags who came out in Simferopol today - between 5-15,000. The protesters demand fresh elections to Crimean parliament and chanted pro-European slogans and have delivered an ultimatum to local authorities to demolish the statue of Lenin statue.

1830. Zaporizha Presidential Administration under control of Euromaidan supporters. Meanwhile the head of the Kharkiv Presidential administration, Mykhailo Dobkin, (who recently called on the authorities to shoot protesters in Kyiv) has said that he will not resign. Situation in Kharkiv remains tense.

1800: "Berkut" (riot police on knees before pro-democracy Maidan in Lutsk.

1741: Situation in Kherson stabalising.

1740: Russian nationalists provoking confrontation in Kerch.. Whereabouts of Viktor Yanukovych remain unknown.

15.20: Belorussian President Lukashenko has given an assurance to Vitaliy Klitschko that former Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko and businessman Serhiy Kurchenko are not in Belorussia. Meanwhile there are reports that Kharkiv's cessationist propagandists Dobkin and Kozhara who fled to Russia last night are to return to Ukraine. The fact that Yanukovych wasn't able to fly out to Russia yesterday and that Dobkin and Kozhara are to return to Ukraine indicates that Putin is no longer prepared to support Yanukovych of members of his former regime. 

1510. NATO Secretary General welcomed news of Peaceful dialogue and early elections" and commended the Ukrainian Army for its non-interference in the political crisis.

1455. In a video address, leader of Party of the Regions Oleksander Yefremov has said that his party condemns Viktor Yanukovych for fleeing. Yefremov reassures that differences in opinion and ideology should not prevent all politicians from working together for the good of Ukraine. 

1432. Former Regionnaire Anatoliy Kinakh announces formation of new parliamentary faction and says it will work with coalition government. The new faction currently has 42 MP's.1400: Paliament adjourns session until tomorrow morning.

1330: Party of Regions issues statement saying that responsibility for all deaths during the crisis in Ukraine are the full responsibility of Viktor Yanukovych and his inner circle.

1322. Parliament dismisses Raisa Bohatyr'ova from post of acting Health Minister.

1310. Parliament overturns Kivalov-Kolesnichenko language law which gave 'regional status' to the Russian language. In taking this decision, Arseniy Yatseniuk stressed that the Russian language in Ukraine remains fully protected by various laws and the Constitution.

1301. Parlaiment restores right to designate judges.

1241. Parliament removes former Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara from office.

1240. Parliament removes former Education Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk from office.

12.35. Parliament confirms that Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov is tasked with fulfilling the duties of the President.

12.28. Interim Interior Minister Arseniy Avakov announces release of 64 illegally detained Maidan protesters.

1226. Parliament restores presidential residence 'Mezhyhirya' to state property. 324 votes for.

1217. Three more Regionnaire MP's resign from the party.

1150. Noone knows the whereabouts of Acting Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara. Practically all financial documentation relating to the Foreign Ministry has disappeared with him.

1148. New Prosecutor General Oleh Makhnitsky tells Parliament that special procedures have been implemented on the borders to prevent those wanted for questioning from fleeing the country. He also said that all Maidan killings will be fully investigated.

1110. Interim Interior Minister Arseniy Avakov announces that Yanukovych's plane was refused landing permission in Donetsk yesterday/ He also says that former Deputy Speaker Kaletnik flew out of Simferopol airport to Moscow yesterday.

11.00: Nestor Shufrych announces that Yefremov remains Head of Party of the Regions which now has only 131 MP's.

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