Statement by the National Union of Journalists

As the violence continues in Ukraine’s capital city, there have been many reports of widespread abuse, intimidation and violence against journalists.

According to the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine (IMTTU) and the National Union of Journalists in the Ukraine (NUJU), more than 150 journalists and media workers have been attacked.

Examples of attacks have included police beating, arrests and detention, noise grenades and shootings. In December, media agencies were raided by unidentified armed individuals reportedly dressed like members of Ukraine's special forces. Since December, there has been widespread violence against journalists. The unions are providing practical assistance and support in response.

The NUJ in the UK and Ireland has joined forces with the International Federation of Journalists to call for an end to the attacks on journalists in Kiev. Journalists' leaders have expressed grave concerns about the climate of fear and attempts to destroy freedom of speech, peaceful gatherings and political pluralism in the country.

Michelle Stanistreet,NUJ general secretary, said:


"It is vital that journalists are free to carry out their work without being targeted, threatened and attacked. The eyes of the world are on Ukraine right now and citizens need information and reporting more than ever. The international community of journalists will not tolerate the deliberate targeting of journalists and attempts to quash debate and stifle information."

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