Following a further round of talks last night between Ukraine's President and the three opposition leaders, Justice Minister Olena Lukash issued the following statement:

We have once again pointed out the inadmissibility of supporting radical actions, seizure of premises and roads.

Following the meeting, the parties have reached a conceptual agreement to vote for the Law of Ukraine "On Amnesty". The insistence of our party is the following suspensive condition for the Law:

The amnesty will enter into force only in case of vacation of all seized premises and roads. Otherwise, the offenses committed will not be amnestied.

Also, a political decision has been made to abolish the laws adopted on January 16 that caused multiple discussions.

Still, the laws that do not cause the remarks tomorrow will be passed by the Parliament again. Provisions of the laws that will be invalidated tomorrow will be jointly elaborated by the parties and will meet the European standards.

As for the return to the Constitutional rules of 2004, the parties noted the inadequacy of Law №2222 and the lack of personal developments of the Constitution.

The parties have discussed joint participation in the Constitutional reform and obligatory cooperation in that context with the European institutions. Also, the issue of referendum procedures has been touched upon.

The parties have agreed to include the issue of liability of the Government into the agenda.


Arseniy Yatsenyuk has not agreed to chair the Government of Ukraine. The negotiations will be continued.

Ukrayinska Dumka


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