A former interior minister and opposition figure, Yuriy Lutsenko, has called for more radical action against the Ukrainian authorities following the controversial adoption of anti-protest laws in parliament on 16 January. 

In a Facebook posting, Lutsenko said the opposition demonstrations in central Kiev had to be transformed into a real popular resistance movement that would mobilize supporters from all over Ukraine to "storm the ruling mob" in Kiev at an appointed time. He urged opposition politicians to forget about their individual presidential campaigns. 

The following is the text of a report Lutsenko posted on his page on the social networking website Facebook on 16 January:

The abduction of free Ukraine 16 January 2014

Diagnosis of causes: the "cheap" Russian loans carry the political cost of Ukraine losing independence and democracy.

Diagnosis of methods: the (ruling) Party of Regions cannot be a party, this is an organized crime group Diagnosis of consequences: the dictatorship of the governor-general of Little Russia (Ukrainian: Malorossiya, term used for Ukraine in tsarist Russia), (Viktor) Yanukovych is ready for legalization.

Plan for treatment:

1. No panic or despair. Our ancestors fought in worse conditions. There are millions of us and we are stronger than a handful of villains.

2. Set up the Maydan People's Front (just as I had proposed naming the organization (apparently referring to the Maydan People's Union) from the very start) and really transform into a million-strong people's resistance movement. Maximum self-organization and minimum bureaucracy. The leader in a city, district or region is the person who leads the people, not someone under a (party) quota.

3. Opposition leaders stop the presidential election campaign. Ratings, scheming and publicity stunts - to hell with them. Or we all will end up there together. Instead politicians ask people - beg on their knees if necessary - to switch from weekend demonstrations to storming the ruling mob starting from Unity Day on 22 January.

4. At the appointed time of mobilization, all Ukrainians should march on the capital. In their cars, buses, lorries and tractors - to battle for free Ukraine. Mayors of free cities and towns - we invite you to come to Kiev on an excursion with all your municipal staff and equipment. Students - to the street, to battle for their European future. Kievites - to the street, to battle for their capital's honour. Politicians - to the street, together with their families and assistants, by car and on foot, to battle for democracy in this country. There is nothing left to lose. The laws adopted are a high-security prison for all who regard themselves as free people.

This is a time when "We will sacrifice our soul and body for our freedom" (line from the Ukrainian national anthem) is tested in real life.

This is the moment of truth.


Source: Facebook in Ukrainian 1930 gmt 16 Jan 14


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