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The Secretary-General spoke today with the President of Ukraine, Mr. Victor Yanukovich.

He congratulated the President on Ukraine's successful Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Chairmanship and Ministerial Meeting.

The Secretary-General expressed his grave concern about the situation in Ukraine, emphasised that there must be no resort to violence, and appealed for peaceful dialogue amongst all parties concerned.

The Secretary-General welcomed the President's assurances that consultations would be initiated to defuse the situation.

Meanwhile Interfax Ukraine has just reported the following:

The National Resistance Headquarters established by the Ukrainian opposition said it was ready to take all the responsibility for the situation in Ukraine if the state of emergency was introduced in the country.

"If [Ukrainian President Viktor] Yanukovych attempts to introduce unconstitutionally the state of emergency in Ukraine, the National Resistance Headquarters, supported by the people's will, will consider the president, the Cabinet of Ministers and other state agencies to be illegitimate and will be forced to take the entire responsibility for the situation in the country upon itself," the Headquarters said in an address to the Ukrainian people regarding the possible introduction of the state of emergency.

The National Resistance Headquarters said that if Yanukovych tried to introduce the state of emergency, all Ukrainian citizens should come immediately to Kyiv's main square Maidan in order to protect the Constitution, rights and freedoms and the very independence of Ukraine and to fight the regime "with all means available."

Law enforcement should not "participate in the illegitimate actions of the regime limiting rights and freedoms of citizens," the statement said. "You have a clear ground for this - the Ukrainian Constitution Article 60, according to which no one is obliged to comply with evidently criminal demands or orders," the National Resistance Headquarters said.

Opposition activists said they urged the Ukrainian Forces "to implement the constitutional duty in accordance with the Article 17 of the main law and not to let deprive Ukraine of the independence due to the introduction of the state of emergency."

Pro-EU activists protesting at Kyiv's main square Maidan said they asked pro-government parliamentary majority "to remember the oath."

The introduction and operation of the state of emergency is regulated by the Ukrainian law On the Legal Regime of the State of Emergency. The Ukrainian president can not decide to introduce the state of emergency single-handedly without the parliament's approval.

The proposal to introduce the state of emergency is submitted to the president by the National Security and Defense Council. The president can appeal via mass media outlets to those, whose actions could be the reasons to introduce the state of emergency demanding that illegal actions be stopped and to warn on the possibility of introducing the state of emergency.

At the same time, if the situation requires immediate response, the appeal could be skipped.

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