Cardinal Huzar speaking in London last night

The Patriarch of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Cardinal Lubomyr Huzar, addressed a packed hall at the Ukrainian Institute in Holland Park last night. 

Speaking with very purposeful and thoughtful authority, the Head of Ukraine’s Eastern Rite Catholics dwelt on two key issues currently being addressed by the Church. 

Firstly, given the global nature of the Church today, he said that it is imperative that its internal unity is protected and maintained.  No one member of the Church, wherever he or she may live, whether in Ukraine or beyond, should ever be left to think that he or she is not needed. Everyone is needed and everyone should work towards the preservation of internal unity within the Church. 

Cardinal Huzar continued by saying:  “In Ukraine our most important mission is to help our people to live in God’s way...”.  He spoke of the deep faith of the Ukrainian people.  “Outsiders visiting Ukraine are continuously taken aback by the full churches and the many young people attending the services...  Yes, the population is extremely devout.  It prays and is strong in its faith.  But it does have difficulty in being Christian from Monday to Saturday.”

He explained that the nation is weighed down by and continues to carry the burdens of the past.  For decades people were raised and lived in a society that continuously strove to make them forgot about Christ and his teachings.  The population was constantly indoctrinated about a “new and better” order and was pushed into having a communist outlook on life. 

Through no fault of their own, it is now difficult for those people to completely retrain their daily mindset.  So this, Cardinal Huzar added, has to be a second major internal mission - not only for the Ukrainian Catholic, but also for all of the main Churches in Ukraine:  “To help people to be true Christians in their everyday become truly morally healthy people...”, ridden of all of society’s “ills, corruption, dishonesty at work, superficiality, lack of trust between people, economic abuse of one another...”. 

Cardinal Huzar went on to thank everyone for their support of the project to build the Sobor of the Resurrection of Christ in Kyiv and took questions from the floor dealing with a range of issues.

He is currently in London taking part in a meeting of the Executive of the Synod of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. 

On Sunday he will preside over a ceremony at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London during which Bishop Hlib Lonchyna will be installed as the new Apostolic Administrator for Ukrainian Catholics in Great Britain.


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