About 200 people gathered for the fourth consecutive day in London in support of the ongoing protests in Ukraine against the government's U-turn on Euro-integration.

The peaceful rally - "London Euromaidan" / «Лондон Євромайдан» - which took place by the statue of St Volodymyr in Holland Park, heard speeches, songs and poems from participants.

During an address AUGB CEO Fedir Kurlak drew on the European values which the Ukrainian government had turned its back on: a country with stability, prosperity and full democracy, human rights, a free press, free elections, a free and fair judiciary with no politically motivated trials, and a better life for present and future generations.  

Citing Viktor Yanukovych's comments to the press earlier in the day, the AUGB representative asked how any civilised country in the Western World could seriously trust Ukrainian politicians after PM M.Azarov's spectacular U-turn last Thursday?  

"The President and Ukraine's government have brought shame not only upon themselves and Ukraine's population.  They have brought shame on many excellent Ukrainian diplomats working throughout the world who will now be mistrusted in the countries in which they serve. Yanukovych and Azarov have also acted with complete disregard to Ukraine's pro-European electorate and have given the clearest indication yet that they are prepared to reposition Ukraine "back in the USSR"".

"Whatever the outcome over the next few days or the coming months, President Yanukovych and his government need to be mindful that Ukrainians in Ukraine and throughout the world will not disembark from the ideal of a strong, free and independent, European integrated sovereign Ukraine".





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