Dear Friends

As you are aware, the Ukrainian government yesterday officially postponed its plan to sign the Association Agreement with the EU just days before the 3rd Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.  

This decision, being disappointing and shocking, has caused protests in many cities in Ukraine.  

The General Council of the Association of Ukrainians in GB last night issued a statement which is available via this link:  

In union with Ukrainians worldwide, a protest condemning the decision of the Ukrainian government to halt the EU integration process will be held in London on Saturday, 23 November 2013 (tomorrow) at 12.00 at Old Palace Yard (in front of the Houses of Parliament) – MAP:

Please come and show your support to #Euromaidan #Євромайдан and share this invite with those who care about the future of Ukraine. RSPV:

Express your views by preparing posters, banners, flags and leaflets.

If we are able to, we should all show our solidarity with the protesters in Ukraine and urge everyone who attends the London protest to also attend the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Holodomor at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church at 1430. 

The Soviet system murdered 7 million Ukrainians by starvation in 1932-33 to strengthen their hold over Ukraine. The faces have changed, but Moscow is still using economic pressure to keep Ukraine in its grasp. 

The Ukrainian Ambassador will be at the commemoration and, once we have honoured the innocent victims of Stalin’s genocide, we can give him our views about the government’s betrayal of the Ukrainian nation face to face.



Ukrayinska Dumka


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