Fedir Kurlak (right) recently with Bishop Hilb Lonchyna

The Embassy of Ukraine yesterday confirmed that by a Decree signed by President Yushchenko, the AUGB's CEO, Fedir Kurlak, has been awarded an Order of Merit (III) for his contribution to the strengthening of Ukraine's international standing, popularisation of her historical heritage and achievements to date.

The recipient said that he was "absolutely thrilled" by the news and immediately credited the award to his parents, family, teachers, friends and the countless individuals that he has had the pleasure to know and work with in this country and abroad over many years. 

"This is a testament not so much to me as to all of those good people - Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians - who have promoted the majesty of Ukraine, her history and her culture, particularly on these great shores - in a truly free, democratic and extremely tolerant United Kingdom.  In the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union not that long ago, may the links between a free Ukraine and the UK continue to grow ever stronger!"

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