Whilst the opposition’s blockade of the Ukrainian Parliament continued yesterday, Regionnaire MP’s relocated to a nearby cinema where the Ukraine's Speaker of the House, Volodymyr Rybak, declared the parliamentary session open.

The move prompted reaction not only in Ukraine.

According to a report transmitted on Ukraine’s “24” news channel, the head of “Freedom House” David Kramer has said that recent developments in Ukraine might damage Ukraine’s ambitions for European integration. Kramer stressed that it was the duty of the President to intervene and said that it would be unthinkable for the US President to remain silent if US politicians from either side of the political divide decided to hold their sessions outside of the House of Representatives.

Kramer added: “If President Yanukovych wants to bring Ukraine closer to Europe, he needs to call on both sides (ruling party and opposition – ed.) to find compromise. He has to consider how the inactivity of the Rada is viewed beyond the borders of Ukraine.”

It remains to be seen whether President Yanukovych ratifies any decision taken outside of the Verkhovna Rada building which is deemed to be an unconstitutional move.



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