Ex-President Viktor Yuschenko's party - Our Ukraine (Наша Україна) decided today, at their XIIth annual conference, to dissolve. The vote was carried with 267 for and only 2 against.

The Orange Revolution, orchestrated by the Our Ukraine party and its supporters, promised a new dawn for democracy in Ukraine in overturning a fraudulent Presidential vote in 2004. But Yuschenko was blamed for not living up to the promise by failing to deal with many of Ukraine's key issues, including corruption and the economy.

Since Yuschenko's failure to win a second term as President in 2010, the fortunes of the party have been steadily sliding, culminating in their failure to win a single parliamentary seat in elections to Verkhovna Rada in 2012. The party has been torn apart by controversy, a lack of political leadership, and deep suspicion about Viktor Yuschenko's political strategy. His breach with former ally Yuliya Tymoshenko, and his appearance at several meetings with President Yanukovych have alienated him from his former supporters and caused a collapse of political trust amongst the electorate. Some party members today openly criticised the party for their 2012 election campaign, which they claim was funded by the Party of the Regions.

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