The Ukrainian Central Electoral Commission has announced the final results of the election.

Two hundred and twenty deputies have been elected in the single-mandate districts, including 113 from the Party of Regions, 39 from Batkivschyna, 12 from Svoboda party, 6 from UDAR, 3 from the United Center, 2 from the People's Party, one each from the Soyuz (Union) party and from the Oleh Liashko's Radical Party, and 43 independent candidates.

The Central Election Commission has also announced the outcome of the polls by party lists. Overall, 225 deputies have been elected, including 72 from the Party of Regions, 62 Batkivschyna, 34 UDAR, 32 the Communist Party and 25 Svoboda.

In all, 445 deputies have been elected in the single mandate districts and by party lists, including 185 from the Party of Regions, 101 from Batkivschyna, 40 from UDAR, 37 from Svoboda, 32 from the Communists, 3 from the United Center, 2 from the People's Party, 1 from the Union party, 1 from the Liashko's Radical Party and 43 independent candidates.

However, there are 5 single mandate constituencies where results cannot be established and the CEC has referred the matter to Verkhovna Rada for a decision on repeat elections. Following a complaint by the United Opposition, the Supreme Administrative Court has required all the documents from two constituencies, including all papers from local polling stations, to be handed over for investigation.

The EU and the Canadian observer missions have criticised the election process following polling on 28 October, particularly delayed counts, the inadequate response from official bodies and other irregularities which, according to the Canadian mission, could have resulted in up to 700,000 votes being 'lost'.

For a detailed breakdown of the figures, and a review of how voting patterns have changed since 1998, click here.


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