The Ukrainian NGO Maidan, which has been collecting evidence of and mapping violations of electoral law, presented its work to the European Parliament on 28 September.

Yuriy Lukanov, Head of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine involved in the Maidan monitoring project presented the evidence collected so far and said that violations were so systematic and widespread that there may already be grounds for declaring the forthcoming election null and void. The subsequent discussion included not only members of the European Parliament, but also those who will be acting as independent observers during the election.

For more on this, in English, click here. We particularly commend the presentation in this link, which sets out the work that Maidan is doing, the standard of evidence it demands for registering a violation and the results of their work so far. To read their latest monitoring report, in Ukrainian, click here.

In other election news, the newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda has been found guilty by a court of violating the election law about equal access to the media. A pro-government candidate had agreed to pay for his blogs to be published but then found that the newspaper was publishing other blogs free. The newspaper has been fiercely critical of the government. While the rules are the rules and should apply equally to everyone, its interesting that this case has been brought and decided so quickly when complaints by opposition parties have either been ignored, or are moving very slowly through the system.

Ukrayinska Dumka


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