In an emotional video captured on a mobile phone by her lawyer, Yuliya Tymoshenko called on the Ukrainian people to rise up and throw out Yanukovych's 'criminal' regime. She said that the country is being turned into a police state and a hell, and that if the Ukrainian people do not understand this, then nothing will save them from the destruction of their nation.

The story has been widely reported in the world media, including in The Guardian, CNN and AFP. To see the Guardian report and the video, click here.

In other developments, the prison authorities were refusing permission for Tymoshenko to meet her political colleagues from the united opposition, on the grounds that she had seriously breached prison rules, including by making the video appeal, and that she had already exceeded the limit set on visits - which her German doctors said should be minimised to aid her treatnent for a herniated disc.

However, in what appears to be a significant u-turn - possibly as a result of the media attention the story has received - the authorities have now agreed that the meeting can take place. To read more (in Ukrainian) click here. But they have also released their own video showing what they describe as 'unruly' behaviour from Tymoshenko which disturbed the work of the medical facility.

The US Senate and European leaders have repeatedly said that the Tymoshenko case will continue to be a stumbling block in closer relationships with Ukraine. So far, the Ukrainian government has been unrepentant, with Foreign Minister Gryshchenko saying that the views expressed about political bias in the judicial process are founded in sympathy for Tymoshenko and not the facts, and that Ukraine will not bow down to foreign political pressure.

However, it is clear that the Tymoshenko story is one that the world media will not lose sight of and that, in terms of the PR battle, Tymoshenko is still well ahead.

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