Head office team

AUGB is run by a small team based at the Association’s headquarters building in Notting Hill in London. The team can be contacted by telephone during normal office hours Monday – Friday on 020 7229 8392.

Petro Rewko
Chairman of the Board and Asset Manager
Contact: petro.rewko@augb.co.uk

Qualified as a Civil Engineer and worked in the construction industry for contractors, freelance as a Project Engineer/Manager, Engineering Manager/Director for a specialist surveying/engineering consultancy and Installation/ Service Delivery Manager for a specialist manufacturer/contractor. A community activist for most of his life at local and national level. Chaired CYM Ashton at the age of 18 for 9 years and a former member of the CYM national committee. Dance teacher/ choreographer of Veselka Dance Group in Ashton since 1991. IMember of AUGB since since the age of 18, Chair of AUGB Ashton Branch since 1993, member of AUGB Board since 2004 and member of AUGB Executive Board for 8 years, serving as Deputy AUGB President for 4 years. AUGB Chair 2016 to the present.

Fedir Kurlak
Chief Executive and member of the Board.

AUGB member since 1977. Joined Head Office team in 1985 after completing studies in Rome, working mainly in external affairs during the period of rapidly changing events in in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. During this period served on various local Ukrainian committees, Secretary of the European Freedom Council, member of the committee of the European Freedom Campaign, Chair of the Ukrainian Civil Liberties organisation. Elected to the AUGB’s General Council in 1989 as Secretary and then as General Secretary from 1 January 1990 with duties covering all spheres of the AUGB’s activities both internally and externally, including meetings and correspondence with politicians, diplomats, etc. Responsible for day-to-day management, implementation of Board decisions, planning and liaison between the Board, Head Office staff and branches. 

Contact: fedir.kurlak@augb.co.uk

Roman Bodnarec
Finance Director
Contact: roman.bodnarec@augb.co.uk

Semi retired Financial and IT Director covering leisure, education and health industries and now have my own business. A long standing community activist and have served as a member of the local committee of Manchester AUGB, Ukrainian Youth Association, Parents’ Committee and Social Club, mainly in a financial capacity. Board member of AUGB and AUGB’s Finance Director. 

Dr Ludmila Pekarska

Curator of the Taras Shevchenko Library and Archive

A graduate of Kyiv’s Shevchenko State University (Department of History and Archaeology). Between 1991-2000 worked as a Special Research Assistant in the Department of Medieval & Later Antiquities at the British Museum, London. Awarded the Whitney Fellowship in 1996 and worked in the Department of Medieval Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Awarded a PhD degree in 1997 for her Doctoral Dissertation “Lost Ukrainian Art Treasures of the 10th-13th centuries”. Her publications include the monograph “Der Silberschatz von Martynovka (Ukraine) aus dem 6-7 Jahrhundert” (Innsbruck 1994, pp. 1-175) and numerous articles in academic historical journals.

Dr Pekarska maintains the library’s unique collection of books about Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora – which is the largest collection in Europe outside Ukraine itself. She maintains links with the British Library and with students and academics researching Ukrainian issues. She has particularly close links with academic institutions and museums in Ukraine. She is also responsible for exhibitions, book launches and other cultural events held at Linden Gardens.

From July 2011 to July 2017 she headed an Editorial Team to produce the bi-weekly editions of Ukrayinska Dumka

Contact: ludmila.pekarska@augb.co.uk